Smarthouse one – secure and compliant solutions for your financial business

Smarthouse one is a platform with state-of-the-art online solutions that fulfill the digital and compliance demands of our clients based on a highly performant and quality-centric IT environment. The platform contains products that are optimized for the online presentation and data management of capital markets products supported by an open and customizable architecture of our core services.

Automatically personalise your offering for different target groups

Automatically personalise your offering for different target groups

Bank customers expect content and financial products that are relevant for them

Make data-driven decisions with the help of A/B testing

Make data-driven decisions with the help of A/B testing

Find out what really interests your visitors

Spread your contents efficiently over the social networks

Spread your contents efficiently over the social networks

Create socialised content with just one single interface

Smarthouse one solutions

Compile, manage and optimise the digital results of your customers with our solutions

  • content management content management

    Smarthouse one content management is custom tailored for your financial business. With a strong focus on digital marketing, it combines the classic CMS features with functionality required for regulatory and security reasons in the financial sector. The offered product functions are such as:

    • Website setup and management
    • Support of multi-language websites
    • Easy CMS online access for editors / publishers via web browser
    • Online content creation, reuse, and publishing
    • Separation of content and design (page types, block types)
    • Editors create and experience the content at the same time
    • Banking-specific compliance features (e.g. 4-eyes or 6-eyes principle in content workflows)
    • Role-based access control
    • Support for personalization/real-time adaptation to visitor interaction
    • A high degree of interoperability with adjacent technologies, such as sales force automation, customer self-service, marketing resource management, digital asset management and web analytics
    • Good integration with delivery tiers, such as digital commerce or social media
  • financial products financial products

    Financial products is a solution to manage data of complex financial products that are visualized in our applications. The data management includes intraday changes of base, price and historic data via compliant 4- or 6-eyes-workflows and maintenance of multiple language variants.

  • financial documents financial documents

    Financial documents is a solution to manage documents and assets that are related to financial data or products. Besides versioning and archiving the system also provides management of multiple language and country variants on document level and supports users in keeping digital assets up-to-date.

  • financial monitoring financial monitoring

    Smarthouse one financial monitoring is a solution for monitoring and notifying important life-cycle events of your financial instruments e.g. about a certain barrier breach. The primary functions are:

    • Monitoring financial products
    • High reliable real-time update processing
    • Define specific rules and triggers for certain capital market events
    • Realtime notification of triggered alerts
    • Automated notifications might trigger further investment decisions or processes in other client systems

Smarthouse one core services

A collection of web services providing basic functionality needed for most smarthouse one solutions, often to meet compliance requirements. Core services are part of core foundation which is the library of software components for the development of smarthouse one solutions.

  • identity manager
    identity manager
  • audit trail
    audit trail
  • logging